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                        East India Commercial Co.Ltd., a public limited company incorporated 
                              in 1941, was promoted by Bhartia family of Kolkata. Four generations of Bhartias, 
                              starting with late Dedraj Bhartia , succeeded by his son, Late Sitaram Bhartia,
                              further succeeded by grandson Late Biswanath Bhartia have steered the company.
                              Now his great-grandsons and representatives of fourth generation Mr.Alok and 
                              Mr. Deepak  Bhartia are at the helm.
                              Initially the company was carrying on trading activity and from 1945 it went into
                              manufacturing of jute products. It now has in its stable 3 jute units namely-
                                     1.Sri Krishna Jute Mills, situated at Eluru-534002, in Andhra Pradesh, India
                                     2.Sri Bajrang Jute Mills ltd., situated at Guntur in Andhra Pradesh, India
                                     3.Krishna Hessians, situated at Kottur,near Eluru, Andhra Pradesh, India.
                              Collectively these mills are known as EAST INDIA GROUP.
                              EAST INDIA group is a premier manufacturer of jute goods in India with an 
                              installed capacity of about 80000 M.T. and annual production of 60000 M.T. 
                              The combined turnover of the Group is Rs.160 Crores (US$ 35 million). 
                              The company employs 10,000 workmen in its jute manufacturing units.
                              Sri Krishna Jute Mills and Sri Bajrang Jute Mills manufacture jute bags for
                              packing of food grains, sugar and a small quantity of jute twine and yarn, 
                              which are mostly sold in the domestic market in India.
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                              Krishna Hessians is a large new jute mill set up in 1999 with the most modern
                              infrastructure and machinery. It includes shuttleless looms of Sulzer and Dornier
                              make and is manufacturing Hessian fabric in several constructions for different 
                              applications. Hessian bags and diversified jute products including leno, scrim,    
                              webbing, union fabrics and various types of yarns and twines are manufactured
                              for domestic as well as export market. The company has also started manu-
                              facturing bleached, dyed yarns and fabrics and also laminated fabrics in its 
                              very modern Bleaching, Dyeing and Lamination plant which is recently set up.
                              The unit specialises in producing high value added products to meet
                              customers' specific requirements.
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                             The group enjoys a strong reputation as a reliable manufacturer and supplier of  
                             quality jute goods all over the country more particularly in South India, where
                             most of its products are marketed.